WITH David Grisham, Fireflower CREATOR

"Give an architect a match and they will design a fire pit."

– David Grisham



For years I was frustrated with the clunky boring fire pits available for back yards and car camping. So as an architect and designer I knew there had to be a better solution...something that is portable, that packs flat to take with your or easily store when not in use. A design that would not sit in the yard rusting, but something very durable to last for years! Not to fuel consumerism, but something purchased with intent. Of course there were months, if not years, of concepts and sketches… with no real breakthrough.

Then one night a solution popped into my head while lying in bed! I jumped out of bed, grabbed a pair of scissors and a Miller High Life box from the recycling bin and started cutting. A few minutes later I had a concept model and a mildly enthusiastic wife once again woken up by my late night experiments.

Over the next month the design progressed from that simple model into a series of digital 3D models and full size laser cut metal models and eventually became a fully developed concept.

Patents were filled and secured, awards were won, and a stellar team of talented friends was pulled together to get this product out there for everyone to enjoy!

initial prototypes

First Generation Fireflower


Our goal from the start was to do things right, even if that meant taking longer. We are new to this game which caused a lot of headaches but it also gave us a fresh perspective on a world ready for some innovation. Just like our fire pits, we wanted our approach to market to be smart and simple. As we were also growing another product brand, Deus Modern, it was also hard to find the time, energy and money but we pursued and eventually we got some great attention from some national publications. This proved our concept and encouraged us to push on! Over a couple of years we have pulled together a great team of marketing, packaging, design and business professionals to help create a brand and product line we are proud to introduce. And one we hope our customers are proud to be a part.

Now at the present we have the start of a family, the Fireflower Original and the Fireflower Spark and several ideas on the parts to expand that lineup. This product came from our home and our hearts and we hope you enjoy it and all that is yet to come.


David Grisham