Fireflower Original firepit shown with grill accessory
Fireflower Original backyard firepit with grill in use
Fireflower Original
Fireflower Original backyard firepit
Fireflower Original backyard firepit with grill attachment
Fireflower Original firepit and its box.
Fireflower Original firepit shown assembled with grill
Fireflower Original firepit and grill - just four pieces to assemble
Fireflower Original firepit and grill store in little space
Fireflower Original firepit comes with safety handles and gloves

Fireflower Original


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No matter the experience, the Fireflower Original is a portable fire pit + grill that is the perfect accessory to take along for everyone to enjoy. The versatility of the Original allows for a seamless transition between fire pit and grill that is easily transported and set up practically anywhere. It assembles quickly and cooks like a champ. When you're finished it's easy to break down, clean and store away.

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Safety Tips & Product Care

See Fireflower™ Spark, the smaller, more nimble version of our portable fire pit + grill.

Made in USAPatent No: US 10201233B2

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Product Features

• Fully patented construction

• Combination fire pit + grill

• Sleek, modern design

• Durable, high quality and rustproof

• Easy tool and bolt-free assembly

• Portable + light weight

• Includes a pair of leather gloves

• Three padded, Velcro® carrying handles 


• Made of 10 gauge 304 stainless steel

• Four steel plates 22” x 22” x 22” each

• Assembled: 22” x 22” x 12” tall

• Product weight: 34 lbs

• Shipping weight: 38 lbs

Best Uses

• Camping

• Tailgating

• Van life and RVs

• Back yards

• Park outings and BBQs


Outdoor enthusiasts and backyard entertainers alike will appreciate the sleek design and how easy it is to transport, clean, and store.
Fireflower Original fire pit

Fireflower Original

Award-Winning Design


Stainless Steel

close up of the stainless steel Fireflower grill
Fireflower Original assembled and in use as fire pit

Fireflower original

No-Fuss Design

First image showing ease of assembly - pieces ready
Fireflower Original assembly second image - separating pieces
Fireflower Original assembly photo three - sliding the pieces together
Fireflower Original assembly photo four - adding the grill plate
Fireflower Spark assembled with grill



Looking for a smaller, more nimble version of our Original Portable Fire Pit + Grill? Check out the Spark!

Shop Spark

Fireflower Original

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning the Fireflower Original grill
Carrying the Fireflower Original pieces




Great for Cooking

Family sitting around the Fireflower Original grilling

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